Summary:Crystal Reports is owned by SAP. But it can be used to generate reports for any kind of database and Enterprise Resource Planning.This course is intended for all of those developers, programmers and system analysts that provides information and Business Intelligence forthe strategic Management.Master Detail reports to represent the clients and products sold toeach one. Cross tab are for Business Intelligence. Drill down datafrom general information to specific data can be done by Sub-Reports.IndexLesson One:a) Link Tables of Databaseb) Master Detail Reportc) Calculations Formula for Master Detail Report.d) Group Fields to display data.e) Charts of Group Fields.Lesson Two:a) Total in fields.b) Group by criteria.c) Sort Control for user.Lesson Three:a) Select Expert to display data with defined criteria.b) Advance Chart to display drill-down data.c) Pass user parameters to the Select Expert.Lesson Four:a) Cross tab reports.b) Cross tab charts.c) Include Formula Field in a cross tab report.d) User defined parameter to drill down details on Cross Tab Reports.Lesson Five:a) Sub Reportsb) Linked Sub Reports to print drill down details in a Master Detail relationship.