SAP DeepDive – Fill or Kill Process using SAP Best Practice



Unlike allother SAP courses that onlycovers the technical aspect of a module, this course actually covers how a particular process is to be implemented in SAP seeing itend to end. It covers both the “How & Why” of theprocessin orderprovide the student with a”DeepDive” knowledgesession on the given subject.Based on the knowledge of a SAPveteran with over 15 years of SAP consulting experience, student who take this course will be able to understand and discuss the pain points of thisprocess in order toimplementthe SAP Best Practice solution.The course will cover the following topics :A deepdive into the Sales Order Returnprocessand when it isused.Why businesses use theprocess, and its advantagesThe considerations and painpoints when using the processHow to addressthese pain points in SAP in order todesignthebestpossiblesolutionAnEnd to End SAP demonstration of the process in SAP. What to look for and how it works.All the SAP configuration andmaster data setting required to make the process work in SAPCheck list ofall of the points covered in the course.This makes a great”cheatsheet” at work to ensure that all pain points have been covered.UseSAP Best Practice to implement the processSAP, SAP Best Practices and ASAP are the trademark(s) or registered trademark(s) of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries.