With its unique features, SAP HANA is becoming the best product of SAP. In today’s digital economy HANA is helping in making better business decisions in real time and it may soon become the future of databases.In this course, we’ll go through complete SAP HANA Modeling. You do not have to get any paid sever access. This whole course is build on free cloud platform provided by SAP. You can complete this short yet comprehensive course in your couple of weekend’s free time.We’ll cover all the Modeling topics like Information Models, Procedures, Decision Tables etc. And, we’ll also cover security in HANA from Modeler’s perspective. We’ll use real world data and we’ll do our analysis on that. In the last section, I’ve covered couple of useful tools also, like BODS and Lumira (for these you need server).Even if you are thinking about learning SAP HANA by getting paid server access, I’d recommend to take this course and make yourself 100% prepared so that you can make most out of your paid server.