SAPUI5/ OpenUI5is the top trend in theSAP Technical marketplaceandalmost all the major projects now require thisskill-set.The development with SAPUI5 / Open UI5involves new and cutting edge technologies, responsible for bringing alot of aspects related towebapp development, which makes it difficult to learn.This course is the final result of months of preparation and planning to compile all the details in makingthe learning process easy, complete and fast.What arebenefitsof this course:If you want to learn SAPUI5/Open UI5then this course will be for you: itcomes with rich content thattakes you from writing a simple”Hello World” app to buildingyour own responsive SAPUI5 complexapp.The majority of thecontent is hands-on,which involves alot of challenges and exercises and makes thecourse interesting and engaging.The course covers not only individual topics but also describesreal world scenarioswhere the concepts are used.The course also sharesSAPUI5best practices of implementing a concept to areal SAP globalproject.The course also shares a bunch of codesnippets and examples in a cloud based IDE, wherestudents canhave 24*7 access and which is going to be crucial during thedevelopment phase of theproject. The students will have the best SAPUI5 tutorial examples they can find.The course examples werecarefully selectedto make the course fun, interesting and engaging to learn.The development scenariosincludesimulating common mistakesthatUI5 developersfrequently make,so they canlearn exactly how to fix fast.The course also hasaUI5 finalproject to put all the learning into practice.The final project wascarefully craftedto make students understand real world scenarios and theroles they willhave to perform inteam.The course gives importance to all aspects of SAPUI5/OpenUI5development, may it be wire-framing, design and analysis, development or styling and theming.The course shares information aboutlots of tools and plugins,whichwill boost the developers’ productivity and efficiency.