This course will prepare you for SAScertifications.It will be a great start to enhance yourcareer asSAS programmer.Additional documents for better understanding and learningReal worldworking experience to the studentsCreation of SAS Arrays and SAS Macros Working with Temporary and Permanent library in SAS PROC and SET statements Basic terms and measures used in Statistics such as mean, median, mode, skewness, kurtosis, standard deviation and variance. Use of statistical procedures to analyses statistical data Descriptive statistics: Proc Means(Summary) with and without options, VAR and CLASS, PROC FREQ , PROC UNIVARIATE using data sets. All data sets are attached with the respective courses.Proc Correlation (Pearson moment correlation coefficient)Proc ANOVA (Example provided using p value to accept the null and alternate hypothesis)Explains hypothesis testing used in SAS using Proc t-test, predictive analytics such as linear regression, logistic regression.Clustering method in SAS using K-means method on an insurance dataset using Proc Fastclus Procedure. Attached Data set.Creation of ARIMA model for forecasting the sales data by using the Box Inkins approach.2 Assignments for practice2 Quizzes to test the understanding of the studentsIntroduction to Big Data