Here’s a list of the video titles included in this training:1. Introduction2. A Word About Bitcoin and Stripe3. Set Up with Bitpay4. Marketplaces5. Set Up with Your Cloud-Based Network6. Creating a Product7. Adding Your Autoresponder8. Adding Your Coupons and Upsells9. Adding Your Affiliate Program10. Set Up Alternative Cloud-Based Network11. Set Up Bitcoin in the 2nd Cloud-Based Network12. Add A Product in the 2nd Network13. Add A Pay Button for the 2nd Network14. Add Your Button to the Page In the 2nd Network15. Affiliate Marketing for the 2nd Network16. Coupons for the 2nd Network17. E-Mail Marketing for the 2nd Network18. Blacklisting Buyers in the 2nd Network19. Bitcoin on WordPress20. ConclusionThe total video running time is about 1 hour. Just enough to keep your customers excited and take action so they get awesome results upon implementation.This is a very detailed20 step-by-step video seriestitled’Scale Your Business With Bitcoin’.These over-the-shoulder videos will help you and your clients to integrate bitcoin payments into their business and then be able to scale their business with it