Explore the collaborative nature of Science and Religion, heretofore rarely discussed.The basic differences and similarities of the thought processes behind each, Science and Religion, that you probablyhave not explored.More important than most people imagine, It truly is important to understand the basics of the two. This Beginner Level courseis the first step:application ofthe procedures, scientific research methods and critical thinking lessons needed to more fully understand the world around us.This course material takes the subjects, Science and Religion, into focus. This will be an broad study, not only of the subject matter, but also a critique of the data obtained in other common research methods and procedures. Step by step, we will practice and apply proper research methods and procedures to Science and Religion.This basic course will help studentstorecognize correctprocedures, scientific research and critical thinking methods. Anyone interested in taking this or any of my courses, is welcome to contact me. I welcome the opportunity to assist in education.Thank YouHopeful Pessimist