Scrum Master Certification Pre-Assessment



ABOUT THIS COURSEWhen I prepared for my PSM1 assessment, I wanted to pass, first time round, to secure my financial investment. I compiled a list ofquestions I thought weremost likely to be asked, and studied these questions thoroughly. Ialso made sure Ihad a hard copy of the Scrum Guide handy, and used post-its to help me find specificcontent easily. My intention was to treat the assessment as an open book exam. While I think the hard copy may have helped with one or two questions, Iquickly realized that it was not feasible due to the fast pace of the assessment – so use that tip with caution.You should consider this test if:You are an individualintending to obtaina Scrum Master certification, such as the Scrum.Org PSM 1 Certification, and want to ensure you are well prepared for the exam.You are acting as (or plan to act as)a Scrum Master and wantto validate your knowledge of the Scrum Framework.You are part of a team that is learning about Scrum, and the team want’s to validate it’s knowledge and application of the Scrum Framework.