Throughout the ages real estate was one ofthe safest and best investments to make. It is said that investing in Real Estateis a timeless investment thatprotects from inflation. The 2002 2008 period in the World ad also Baltic stateswas a golden age for RealEstate developers, when almost every other person bought apartments, built houses andinvested with the purpose of making money. A negative side of investment was seen when the RealEstate bubble bursted and the crisis came and because of that many got discouraged from investing.Real Estate is one of the most profitable investments, but there are many subtleties and strategies that many Real Estate investors tend to keep quiet about. We are constantly investing in Real Estate, so we see the mistakes other investors make and thats why we want to show you ways how to invest in Real Estateregardless of whether the economy is rising or declining.It is said that investing in Real Estate it generates and average of 5% return. In this course we will reveal the secrets ofhow to make money from Real Estate with 10%, 20%, 30% or higher returns.MAIN COURSE OBJECTIVESTo introduce what RealEstate investment is andto help you take smalls steps towards how to get started;To helpfind deals,that are below the market price;To show different ways how toeasily raise RE value;To reveal the secrets ofhow to get 30% or higher return on RE investments;To share strategies onhow to create a passive cash flowexceeding you monthly income;We put a lot of our own hands-on experience into this 7 lesson course, as well as the experience of our students and partners who developed or currently are developing Real Estate properties. We believe that this invaluable information will be interesting and useful, both for beginner investors in Real Estateas well as for people who already have experience in investment.COURSEFORMAT AND DATEThe course is made up of7 recorded webinars(5 beginner modules and 2 advanced modules), every one of which lasts for about an hour. They will be held every day, for7 consecutive days.The course will provide you with additional material which you will be able to download, as well as a video from our own invested properties. Depending which course option you chose, you will also get access to all of the recorded webinars. You will be able to ask questions both during live broadcasts and after them via specified e-mail address or in a closed Facebook group.