Self Love with Crystals



Self love is no doubt something we could all have more of.Although this is easier said than done. The journey to self love can be a long one, sometimes a difficult one.The first step is to accept self love into your life and work on building this special relationship with yourself.Crystals can help you at every step.In this course you will learn what self love really is and why it is so important.Discover how to build your own self love routine. Feel happy and content in your own skin.Learn in detail about a selection of crystals specifically for using in your self love routine. Then learn how to use them effectively.Find out what really makes you smile and how you can start doing more of it, guilt free.Create your own personal self love charm. Write your own self love intention and make your charm to manifest it to reality.- Discover what self love really means- Begin to build your own self love routine- Learn which crystals will help you on your self love journey- Do more of what makes you smile- Create a self love charm- Manifest your self love intention