It was once wisely stated that people do business with those they know, like and trust! Have you ever made these statements (I'm sure if so, ever so quietly) about your customers? · He cant make decisions quickly · That customer wants so much detail · He’s so curt – doesn’t ever wish to make any small talk! Success with sales depend on a connection between a salesperson and customer! It's that simple. The ability to forge commonality between differing behavioural approaches to selling and buying is key. By increasing communication, opening doors to greater interpersonal relationships and forging connectedness, a salesperson will ultimately achieve improved outcomes, increased sales and burgeoning revenues! The 5 topics,16 tutorials and state-of-the-art workbook will guide you step by step to consider both your own behaviour and that of your customers. By doing so, salespeople often discover the reason behind non-serving thoughts (even though they may well be true observations) stems from a lack of: understanding about the role of natural and adapted behaviour in sales appreciation of our own ability to influence solutions and connectedness with customers and revenues, through the art of blending behaviour. Simply learn the language of DISC, master the art of behavioural selling, apply it to your sales environment and watch your revenues soar – immediately! Sell with Style and Profit from Behaviour!