Selling Sponsorships for Meetings, Events & Nonprofits



Are you tasked with creating and/or selling a sponsorship campaign to raise funds for a meeting, event, or a nonprofit? Whether it's your first time, or you're looking to up your game, you'll learn something new that will make your job easier and maximize your revenue potential. I'll share with you tips and tricks I've learned to sell thousands of sponsorships and earn my company and clients millions of dollars to fund their meetings, events and nonprofits.I've learned the hard way over 20+ years, selling thousands of sponsorships. I've condensed all my wisdom into this course. You'll learn the basics, plus WAY more! Most sponsorship campaigns have limited potential because they haven't taken a thorough assessment of their sellable assets, and they don't know the four secret motivations of sponsors. I'll show you how to do both, and how to use that knowledge to craft a sponsorship prospectus that practically sells itself. I'll walk you through some excellent sponsorship prospectus examples and show you how they were built, and why they include what they include.Lastly, if you're not a born salesperson, I'll also share with you what I've learned over the years to make the sales process REALLY easy. Your investment in my course will surely pay for itself in time saved, hardships avoided, and sales closed!