Serverless development is defined as the applications and functions that can run efficiently on servers alone. The ephemeral, event-triggered stateless compute containers which are and completely managed by the cloud provider are used by the apps to run. Already there are people being attracted to this new concept after hearing about its many benefits. They include deploying codes without hassle. Auto-scaling, zero-server management, lack of upfront provisioning, and faster set up. Highly famed Corporations such as Netflix, Reuters, Telenor, and many others have already listed themselves among its users. With so many factors, it is no surprise to see why this new technology is gaining mass popularity.What Makes this Course so Valuable?There are numerous reasons as towhy you should learn about Serverless including a massive demand in jobs as well as lucrative salaries which can even reach as high as $120,000 in some parts of the world. For any beginner, this tutorial would be incrediblyhelpful since it will teach all that you need to know about Serverless development using AWS and Node.js from scratch. In that way, youll become familiar with many of the terminologies that are vital when it comes to learning Serverless. The tutor will make you understand the course in a way that will make it easy and fun for you to learn. Often time, it is challenging to find a course that will make you learn the topic with ease and also gives an awesome learning experience. Learn how to build your first Hello World application to ensure your understanding regarding the basics of AWS Lamba along with CloudWatch. There is also a Tour of Lambda and you will receive API endpoints using other services such as S3, Rekognition and a lot more. Take a deep dive and learn the proper circumstances of opting for the use of Serverless and when to avoid it. The course also has a variety of advanced concepts like memory management and behind the scenes. This course will provide you an in-depth knowledge into the topic along with learning to set up a local environment, Lambda catching, data storage, building an API server for a CRM system, build Amazon Alexa Skill with lambda, and much more!The Course Includes:1. Introduction and Setting up an AWS account2. AWS Tour3. S3 Setup4. Proof of Concept5. Creating Endpoint and Front end6. Deployment with CloudFront7. API Gateway8. Building Lots of Projects and Much More!Master Serverless Development Using AWS Lambda and Node.js with this Project-Focused Course Today!