Servo Motion Mastery (PLC Programming)



This course is designed to give you a deep understanding of the core values neededto be able to program, troubleshoot, and have the deepest knowledge of RockwellAutomation PLCservo controls. This course starts from scratch and builds upelement by element to give the very best detail about servo motioncontrols.This is the best course in 2018 for detailed Rockwell Automation servo motion training program like this before for this price and I highly doubt that there will be anything close to this unless I am the one who makes it. Continuously raising the bar is my mission and I encourage you to join my journey.As part of making this course the best, I will be adding revisions or videos from time to time to add more sections but as it sits right now there is over 13 hours of video training about servo controls. Thisis Servo Motion Mastery 101 and AdvancedServo Motion Mastery 1 is released now as wellandAdvancedServo Motion Mastery2 will belaterinthis year so you have a deepcore understanding of servo motion controls.I have a very successful YouTube channel about PLC programming and run a websiteto assist with this effort as will which is Online PLC Support if you were toGoogle it.