Install and configure a web serveron your computer so you can develop websites faster and more easily.Quickly set up all the Software you need to Develop Websites Locally in this comprehensive course.Install a web server, PHP, database server and phpMyAdminLearn how web addresses work and how to use them locallyDevelop multiple websites in the root instead of in subfoldersLearn how to configure Apache using .htaccess filesCreate a new local databaseInstall WordPressSet up your Computer for Faster and Easier WebDevelopmentDeveloping websites is easier and faster if you do it locally, using a web server installed on your computer. All web developers develop locally first, before copying their work to a live web server.By installing and configuring a local web development environment, you’ll be able to create your website more quickly and evenwork when offline.You’ll also learn how to develop multiple websites on the same webserver, each in the root instead of creating each one in asubfolder.Content and OverviewSuitable for web developers of all levels, this course will take you through all the steps required to install and configure a complete web development environment on your computer.This short course will get you up and running quickly. Starting with the basic concepts, first you’ll install the necessary software, then start configuring it for the best results. You’ll learn how to configure the web server so that you can develop multiple websites alongside each other, instead of all in one folder.Where necessary, different videos for Windows, Mac and Linux are provided so that you can get the most out of the course whatever platform you use.You’ll learn how to set up a website with a local web address, configure the web server using special files called .htaccess files, create and grant access toa database, and alsoinstall WordPress locally if you need it.At the end of this course, you’ll have a fully working web development environment on your computer, ready to start creating your own websites.What else will you get?All code and resources shown in the videosWork alongside the instructorA verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the courseAccess to the instructor at all times to ask for help with any topic related to the course