Social Media is changing and growing every day. More and more people conduct their business online – including therapy. People often feel they are missing out but are too scared to give it a try. This course looks at how to set up some of the more common Social Media platforms to enable marketing of your therapy business. It includes Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Newsletters and YouTube. It is divided into independent modules so you can decide which ones work for you. For example if you have always thought you should be on Twitter but weren't sure how, this course will allow you to make an informed decision on whether it is for you or not. Each module should give you the information you need to make best use of an online marketing channel to create an online marketing presence that complements your current business approach. At the end of each module is a summary of the pro's and con's of that particular channel. This is not "one size fits all". Use this course to fit how you work. The course is written based on my own personal experience of marketing online. I do 50% of my therapy work online using Skype and Facetime.