Over 68 lectures and 3H30 hours of content ! This courses is divided in Two parts, Five lessons each and 40 exercises. Each lessons contains 4 types of exercises with videos that includes a set for male voices and a set for female voices. In each exercises, a voice over will indicate the tempo and the phonemes changes to encourage vocal agility. And you will also follow the notes on music sheet when doing your vocal exercises. Once you have mastered your breathing and voice with Singing Made Easy THEN you can start playing around with various styles, performance techniques and so on.. In this courses Singing Made Easy I will teach you how to sing naturally through exercises -How to correct breathing and how breath control works, -How important it is to relax your jaw when you’re singing -How to make the tongue and the lips working out to develop articulation in order to have a clear diction, which means a good balance between consonants and vowels in order to produce a natural vocal sound without grimacing. -How to Maintain Uniformity of Tone -Sing as easily as you speak -How to control Vocal Energy -How to make your vocal range stable and how to increase it. -How to find your Vocal key It might be helpful to have my Vocal App : Le Kit for male voices and Le Kit for female voices .It is a vocal warm up program, on Apple store or Google play. (It is a good tools to do exercises if you don’t have an internet connection).