Singing what you need to know


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You want to learn to sing? Then this complete basic course for all classical and pop singers is just right for you but beware:In this course, I will be telling you not only the pros, but also the cons of singing! If youd rather not hear about the downside, then you really shouldnt buy this course!Especially if you are a singing teacher.Because I generally dont rate singing teachers: There are of course some great singing teachers around – but unfortunately very, very, very few, at least in my experience.As well as giving you important information on and around singing, I will also be asking you some awkward questions, which are, however, extremely important if your goal is to become a professional singer.E.g.: Do you really want to learn to sing? Why do you even want to learn to sing and – very, very importantly: CAN you actually learn to sing? And if the answer is yes: Do you really want to take on the life of a professional singer?If you can face up to the truth and are not afraid to consider the more unpleasant aspects – if you can think freely and want to reach your goal fast, then this course is definitely for you, since it is designed for those who want to stand on their own two feet as soon as possible and who dont want to be led up the garden path.