Snowshoeing for Beginners



Have you ever wondered about going snowshoeing but don’t know anyone who goes and where you should start? This course is for you then. Learn key skills and knowledge to prepare yourself for many snowshoeing adventures to come.In this course you will learn:What snowshoeing is all aboutWhat gear you need to bringHow to select your own snowshoesBuilding a fire in the snowAvalanche SafetySnow sheltersAnd more!These skills are taught by Jeremy White, an avid outdoor enthusiast, mountaineerand snowshoer. He has also trained with Search and Rescue and the Sherrif’s Dept on avalanche safety and rescue. You are in good hands with him.If you enjoying being outdoors and what to see it from a different point of view, take the leap and start snowshoeing. You will discover it is exhilarating with beautiful scenery.