Social Media and Online Safety for our Kids Parent Workshop



Do you know how your kid uses their device? From social media to online gaming and everything else our teens have at their fingertips, knowing what they’re exposed to might surprise you. In this workshop, we will breakdown the different apps out there and how to keep our kids safe from trolls, cyberbullying, FOMO, hashtags and cyber stranger danger. Instead of throwing in the towel, let me help you navigate the cyber world our teens are living in.Part 1: Favorites & what to watch forPart 2:Setting up privacy settings & safety toolsPart 3: Educating our teens to be safe & kind on their devicesWorksheetsExtensive list of Apps & what you need to knowSocial media & cyber safety health checklistSpringboard discussion questionsBonus MaterialsNow What & Action StepsIncluded with each section