Social Media has fundamentally changedthe information environment in which we operate. Crisis communications strategies that do not reflect thisnew environment are at best ineffective, and at worse, disastrous. This course is designed forBusiness Owners, Brand Managers and PR Professionals who are responsible for the reputation and brand of their company.At the end of this basic course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully identify a social media crisis, assess its impact on the organization and know the necessary steps to take to deal with the crisis. The course will alsocover the impact of social mediaon PR and Branding, help participants understand the characteristics of a crisis, know the 5essential elements of an effective crisis communications plan and use the SCAER Framework (a decision making tool for managing negative online mentions).The instructor has conducted numerousin-house training forMNCs and government officials from ASEANcountries like Malaysia, Myanmar, Brunei and Singapore.