Thereare many photographers and photography businesses who have been utilizing social media, aspart of their digital marketing strategy, to move their photography businessesforward.However,there are many more photographers who aren't.Areyou one of those? Do find that social media is a "waste of time" orthat you're not seeing growth in your followers?Doyou struggle to see the true value in creative social media marketing for yourphotography business?Ifso, then this 3 hour course is for you.Inthis web course on social media success for photographers I'll teach you howphotographers with massive followings are using strategies that get themnoticed. You'll learn some of the fundamentals behind using social mediastrategies for your photography business.Thecourse will cover:  Why social media marketing is important forphotographers.  The foundationalelements of successful social media marketing.  You'll learn some ofthe tools of the trade I use to manage my social media accounts.  You'll learn whyit's important to know your audience.  We'll discusssetting goals and tracking your progress.  How to build yoursocial media profiles as a photography business person.  The importance offilling your content funnel.  We'll coverFacebook, Twitter, Goolge Plus, and LinkedIn  We'll also touch onFlickr, 500px, Instagram, and Pinterest  …and more!</p>