I want to give you 35 actionable techniques you can use tomorrow to attract your customers to you and your business. These are the same 35 strategies weve used to help hundreds of entrepreneurs attract more customers and business.These strategies have been tested with REAL customersand they do work!Let me ask you a questionHows your business doing?Some not so fun facts you probably already know90% of startups failOur toughest circumstances are also our most teachable moments. -Anthony RobbinsWhat is it that the 10% are doing differently?According to Tony Robbins, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, there are 7 Fundamental Character Traits of SuccessPassionBeliefStrategyClarity of valuesEnergyBonding powerMastery of CommunicationDid you catch that last one?Mastery of CommunicationSo how do you master communication as an entrepreneur so that you become one of the 10% that succeed rather than the 90% that fail?Like I said, these are 35 actionable techniques that you can use tomorrowto attract your customers to you and your business.Specifically, 15 strategies to help you persuade, motivate, teach and inspire your customersHow toget your customers to listen to youand what you have to say in a short period of timeThe 4 levels of the relationship model that will help you capture your customers right awayHow to use your face and body language with dynamic effect (its different depending on the presentation situation)Persuade your customers with the words you choose and the way you sound (i.e. the tone, volume, pace and inflections of your voice)The top 3 ways to build your personal brand by entertaining and amusing your audience in a style thats true to youClose more business by moving your customers to take actionand youll get to see me model exactly how to do each and every one with a live audience of entrepreneurs just like youHave you ever heard the expressionGive a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.Thats whats wrong with most entrepreneurial communication. Entrepreneurs try to take other entrepreneurs fish, and it just doesnt work. And it certainly doesnt lastand customers arent attracted to it!At Rule the Room Public Speaking, weve already done all the hard workinterviewed, observed and analyzed hundreds of the top communicators in the world.documented all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesnt).made everything simple, easy to understand, and quick to learn…Dont get me wrongAs an entrepreneur myself, I know about failureIve made some pretty stupid mistakes over the yearsThats why were so careful to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, easy to follow recipe and video guide so that everyone we coach can duplicate the results.I know its tough to make it as an entrepreneurThats why I want to give you access to these 35 actionable techniques to connect with your customersClick the Watch Now button to attract your customers to you and your business TODAYAnd just so you know, like all our Rule the Room trainings, this one is protected by our 30-day, no-questions-asked guaranteeYou either get the results you want or you get your money back. Its as simple as that!Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.Richard Branson Its time to take these 35 actionable techniques and start learning from them to grow your business today. See you on the inside…Entrepreneur Soft Skills Course Reviews: Jasons techniques break down speaking fundamentals that can make anyone a more powerful and relatable speaker. His tips have revolutionized my presentations at large conferences, and internally to PerBlue employees. Justin Beck — CEO PerBlue”What I really liked about this program is that it’s very genuine, down to earth and gives you practical, actionable things that you can use everyday, that aren’t difficult. The top three things I learned is that with a little bit of knowledge Jason’s given us, and a little bit of practice, we can pay more attention to how we stand and how we look at our audience or the people we’re talking to, and how to use our voice to get across the message that we want, and to be able to portray the value that we can provide to our customers.” Neil – Director of Small Business Development CenterJason worked with me in constructing a pitch to help hook my investors and early customers. He shifted my attention from the content to the audience, and from the what to the why. The presentation was immeasurably more effective and the deals started rolling in! Thanks Jason! Niko Skievaski — Co-Founder at Redox”I like the program because it gave me different aspects that I never thought about as far as speaking in front of a group, and some tools that I can definitely take away and hopefully use effectively.” Brendan – Small Business Owner”This could really help people get clients if you knew exactly how to approach them in a sincere and genuine manner, and that they would trust you and be interested in what you are selling or offering them. I think if you can follow the steps in this presentation, I think it will make you a more genuine person and customers will be more apt to use you instead of other people they cannot trust or don’t feel comfortable around, and it will increase your revenue through referrals and repeat business.” Jamie – Small Business OwnerAbout Your InstructorInternational Public Speaking Coach, TEDx Speaker and Best Selling author Jason Teteak has taught more than one million people how to flawlessly command attention and connect with audiences in their unique style.Hes won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques.Or as he puts it No theoretical fluff.Jason gained recognition at EPIC Systems in the medical software industry, where he was known as trainer of trainers of trainers.He has developed more than fifty presentation and communication training programs ranging in length from one hour to three days that serve as the basis for The Rule the Room Method.In 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 he was named #1 Best Selling coach on Public Speaking for his on-demand video teaching tools that quickly took off for over 100,000 online students around the world.Teteak has flipped the model and changed the approach to great Public Speaking for even the most seasoned veterans.