NEW2018 Course! Updated information according to latest studies!over 400 students from 64 countries already enrolledcoached over 100 studentswith incredible resultsWhat does my TOPStudent say about this course?Bro, I am so grateful that you came into my life. I cant express myself. Youve changed it all for me!.- Benjamin StrusnikHe was one of the first students to have. I have also done FaceTime Coaching with him. Now, at only 18 he runs a successful marketing agency in Slovenia. He brought it to the next level with the help of connections he made by applying Social Skills techniques I taughthim!What is the secret to happiness and money?According to me and my students it means to make the right friends and develop your social skills in order to maintain them.Why me?For the past year I have been able to exponentially grow my businesses and to feel happier and enjoy life more.All these changes happened when Ive discovered the only thing that was keeping me from achieving greater success.I have stopped being me, and stopped connecting to other people. This wasn’tsomething obvious at first. So dont expect it to see it right off the gate in your situation. Rather it was more something of substanceAfter I have read books and took courses on this subject of social skills and communication, I made my own studies.I was the test subject. And I have succeeded.When Ive asked my closest friends their opinion on why do I enjoy more success now, 100% of them said something along the lines: Well, you are just natural when it comes to making friends and connections. You just ask people to help you out. And they do!Ive seen this work to me. So, I said, why not help millions of people discover what I did? It is so simple, yet so unusedYou get bonuses!After enrolling you get to enter our private Facebook Group with like-minded people (link in the first message)10 minute Free Skype/FaceTime Coaching with me(link in the first message)I can’t wait to see you diving deep into the course!Remus