Become a master atAutomation with our Puppet course!DevOpsEngineers spend more time configuring their machines and deployingtheir changes manually, instead of building actual solutions. This iswhy automation has become such a huge part of DevOps. And, Puppetoffers the perfect solution for this problem. Puppethelps you automate configuration and deployment to allow more timefor otherimportant tasks.So, what exactly isPuppet?Puppetis a configuration management tool that automates the way youinspect, deliver and operate your infrastructure and software. Thisis a powerful language that describes how to get machines to adesired state and as a tool, it interprets andapplies those changes. Puppet is slightly more complicated whencompared to other configuration tools such as Ansible and Chef.However, it comes with a number of amazing tools and features.If you want to becomean expert DevOps engineer and learn Puppet, then this is the perfectcourse for you!Inthis course, weve taken a step-by-step approach at breaking downwhat exactly Puppet is, including the benefits of Puppet, how it isdifferent from other configuration tools such as Ansible and Chef,what is it capable of doing, whatis Heira, how to encrypt data in Heira, whatare manifests, how to create manifests,how to create a private Git repository on a Linux machine, and somuch more!Thecourse combines theory as well as practicalknowledge to help you learn not just what Puppet is, but also how youcan integrate Puppet into your next project or even your business. Atthe end of this course, youll have an understanding of Puppet, aswell as the confidence to actually use it.Allof this and so much more is packed in this amazing Puppet course! So,what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start automating your life!