Software Organizing System (Advanced Organization Vol 2)



In this course you’ll get a 157 folder structure, downloadable in a zip file, to organize all your software. This is a comprehensive taxonomy of categorization system for organizing any type of software out there.To maximize your productivity, you need to be able to keep track of hundreds if not thousands of apps and applications over the course of your life, including ones that are very useful in specific situations but you might go months or years without using.You also need to be able to remember how to use each piece of software, and create and store checklists or create process documents to store what you learn as you develop new processes for using the software.But where do you store this information so you can find it years and years in the future?And how do you store similar software in the same place so that you can find a piece of software that you can’t remember by name but you remember what it does or what it’s similar to?Have you ever spent an hour trying to remember what a unique tool was called, searching and searching but not being able to find it?With this system, you can kiss the problems above goodbye forever.This system is also compatible as a “plug-in” to the Big 4 folder structure that Iprovide in MasteringOrganization. It’s sits within 02. Personal / 45. Software.See you inside the course,Timothy