– Have you found yourself losing interest mid-way on a book on software design that you once started with a lot of enthusiasm?- Have you wished to strengthen your software design foundation but never found enough time to understand it in detail? – Have you struggled in understanding design patterns?- Have you gone through SOLID principles but can not still clearly distinguish among them?This course addresses all the above issues:It is a 1.5 hours comprehensive guide delivered with crystal clear communication.  The diagrams and the visual effects keep you focused and  interested throughout the course.It is not just the speaker but also the content that talks to you! Do not let the duration and colorful appearance of the training allow you to think that the content is not deep enough. In fact even the software architects and most experienced developers will immensely benefit as the training covers aspects of the SOLID principles that are not readily available. This also lays a strong base for you to understand design patterns as most of the design patterns are based on these principles.Note this course needs you to have a prior experience in software development.Here’s some feedback from the course students:- “I found this very useful, I tried another courses more focused on the concepts instead the examples. In this course I found both. Concepts and Examples. Very clear and well complemented with real life examples. Thanks!!”- “The SOLID concept is very methodically exposed, with a lot of clarity, through very comprehensible and concrete examples…” – “Great analysis of the principles…”-  “I took this course the night before an interview and it paid off. Was able to explain SOLID principles in OOP during the interview, and it made me look very good!  “- ” Must for every developer. Very nice explanation with examples”- “Very good and precise…” – “Although I have had a fair idea about the Design Principles prior to this course, the simple and crisp presentation has only helped me in gaining a newer perspective”The training explains with a simple example and builds on it as you go deeper into it. Examples are not overly simple nor too complex – They have just the right balance to help you relate back to your project.    Join the course with a unique, never-seen-before content and delivery style!