If you have ever tried marketing your online business you have probably wasted a lot of money on many different avenues that others promised would work, such as Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, bulk emails for rotating ads. None of these are as cost effective as solo ads. Solo ads are advertisements where you create the subject (or title), body (or content that you want to say to the potential customer) and URL (or link to your site or affiliate offer you are promoting).Why are solo ads better than the other conventional ways of advertising? Because they are sent to a more targeted audience that has already opted in to receive email messages from the list owner. They are also much more responsive to advertisements from the solo ad because they are actively seeking opportunities in that niche. Due to this, your ad in the same niche placed in front of these targets audiences can be very profitable to you…if your solo ad ROCKS! This is where this course comes in….In this course, you will discover the secret tricks used in solo ads for both higher opt-in rates (because you want to grow your list) as well as Sales Conversions, because after all, you are sending solo ads to profit!This course will teach you all of the following:How To build your list FAST with GREAT solo adsExamples of solo ads that WORK!Examples of solo ads that suck! (sorry if yours is one of them!)Where to get email swipes for FREE!How to jump start your business WITHOUT any costsWhere to buy the CHEAPEST solo ads that are Top Tier and have high % of opt-ins and conversionsThe Secret to get money for solo ads BEFORE you spend itAnd So Much More…Enroll today and start your solo ad marketing the RIGHT way, where you not only profit, but make 4-5 figures a month from your efforts!