This course will help to understand seven most important comparison based sorting algorithms along with the details of how to estimate the complexities for any algorithm. Students will clearly understand how to estimate the best case, average case and worst case complexities for any algorithm along with details analysis of each of the sorting algorithm.The seven sorting algorithms that you will learn in this course are as follows:Bubble sortSelection SortInsertion SortShell SortQuick SortMerge SortHeap SortStudents will learn details of heap data structures along with the heap operations like, insertion into heap, heap adjust, heap delete and heapify while learning the heap sort.Although, sorting utilities can be found in the library of anymodern day programminglanguage, however, it is must for a programming studentto understand them from scratch as this will help to form strong foundation on algorithm. Also, it is often found that, many questions are asked on sorting algorithms on Job interviews, hence, it will be really fruitful to have a strong hold on this topic.In the course, I described the logic of each of the seven comparison basedsorting algorithms using visual description that is really easy to understand, then I explained the algorithm, analysed them for their performance and finally implemented them using C and Java.If you are interested of implementing them using in other language you can also do that following the lectures. It will be really easy to do.