The fact youre here means youve probably already heard of Clean Language. Its a fascinating and impactful method of coaching and therapy which uses the metaphors that underpin peoples thinking and behaviour in a unique way, so that they become a lever which can ease clients through dramatic changes. Im Judy Rees, X-Ray Listener, and I specialise in using and teaching Clean Language. I want you to use it to make a positive difference in peoples lives. Im the co-author of a bestselling book on the subject, Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds. I also created, which is a site where you can learn the basics, free. Now I want to help you to go deeper. I want you to grasp how Clean Language works with the body, as well as with the mind, to promote rapid transformation. I want to show you how to use the questions with elegance and grace. And I want to show you the impact it can have on real clients, as if you were there in the room with me. So Ive put together this new online video programme, called Space Craft. Thank you Judy for making this information available! The videos are easy to follow and your commentary makes everything easy to understand. I hope many people will take up the opportunity to learn such a valuable skill.Hamish Annan, New Zealand This programme will show you exactly how I use Clean Language with my coaching clients. Youll see how I combine Clean Language with other coaching, and how I get in and out of Clean Language without sounding weird. Why Space Craft? The thing is, Clean Language is not, as some believe, a left-brain, formulaic technique based on thinking about words, but is in fact a way of engaging the entire body and its environment to power the clients transformation. In this programme youll find out how that works. Youll also discover Clean Space. Like Clean Language, this approach was devised by David Grove. Unlike Clean Language, it doesnt explicitly work with metaphors. But its a way of getting big changes, fast. If your clients are looking for rapid breakthrough sessions, you should consider using Clean Space. With Space Craft, Judy, Im again indebted to you for broadening my ability to be creative in the kitchen of change. With your customary clarity and straightforward approach embodied in each of the video presentations, I knew opportunities would soon arise for me to use the new learnings and discoveries when working with clients. Clean Space and Clean Language are wonderful ways of adding noticeable and yet subtle nuances to changework rather like adding herbs and spices in cooking and within Spacecraft you have captured the essence of what makes them so amazing. For me, its a clear winner! Peter Wright, Devon, UK Whats in the programme? This is a very simple programmeAt its heart are video recordings of three full-length client sessions two using Clean Language, one using Clean Space. You can watch these complete sessions online, or download them for future reference. To help you appreciate key aspects of what youre observing, Ive also recorded a commentary on each of the sessions. When you watch these videos, youll discover what was going on in my mind during the sessions and interesting aspects that I spotted later as I checked the recordings. If you use, or intend to use, Clean Language with your clients, youre sure to pick up some handy tips. Theres also an introductory video to guide you through the programme, a complete set of session transcripts, plus short reference guides to the Clean Language and Clean Space questions. And with this programme, youre not on your own. Youre part of a community, getting your hands on powerful material together. Via the comments function of the website, you can ask me any questions you have, and connect with other learners. Therapists, change workers, coaches and consultants (or, frankly, anyone with some sort of training or understanding of hypnosis, NLP, coaching, psychotherapy etc) will find this product very useful indeed. Marty Drury, Cardiff, UK