The HDPCD Spark Certification is a hands-on, performance-intensive certification for Apache Spark Developers on the Hortonworks Data Platform. Apache Spark is a fast, in-memory data computation engine with expressive APIs to facilitate Data Science, Machine Learning, Streaming applications and providing iterative access. It is an extremely sought out technology that is currently being used by Data Barons such as Samsung, TripAdvisor, Yahoo!, eBay and many others. HDPCD Spark Certified Developers have an edge over the rest of the world because examinees perform a specific number of tasks on a live installation platform provided by Hortonworks rather than simply answering questions. Memorizing and reciting the by-hearted concepts doesnt work with HDPCD- these are the developers that get work done and the world sees them in a different light altogether.In this certification, with Spark having an extremely wide application base, Hortonworks recognizes that all tasks to be performed on a live cluster are rather daunting and hence, they mandate that aspirants work only on SparkCore and SparkSQL applications before appearing for this certification. Developers may choose from either Scala and/or Python as the programming language and create applications using them. This Whizlabs course recommends Scala as the preferred Analytics language due to its simple LINQ type syntax.