Speak Better English – Consonant Pronunciation



This course covers pronunciation and speaking better English. Correct pronunciation is important for both speaking and reading English but you also need to work on other areas of English learning like vocabulary and grammar to truly become fluent or near native quickly. Pronunciation needs to be part of every lesson and not the entire lesson to be quickly studied and forgotten in your race to fluency and understanding.Correcting your pronunciation and reducing your accent takes lots of time and practice, so you will need to spend time in front of a mirror watching and listening to yourself in order to improve and you will need regular access to an English teacher who has also has clear pronunciation. Each section of this course is taught and structured just like professional one on one training sessions worth hundreds of dollars.If you already speak some English and people understand you then you know at least know how to make some of the sounds and structures you need to master. So this course allows you to know which sounds you are getting wrong and the most important sounds you need to concentrate on and get right to improve your English speaking ability quickly and efficiently.Once you know how to make these sounds; you need to practice actually speaking and pronouncing these sounds clearly to have a chance of being understood. So this course provides you with plenty of chances to practice speaking and listening to words that sound almost the same to improve both your speaking and listening. I also give you definitions of the words used in the course so that youre simultaneously improving your vocabulary as well.For efficient learning, this course is split into mini lectures which deal with similar sounds. Each section preview gives you a chance to listen and speak these two sounds using fun exercises and tongue twisters so that YOU know if you have an issue. If not, simply proceed to the next section.This course combines with any current English language learning, providing you with the solid basis for speaking and understanding English better. Now you will have more free time to further expand your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar to achieve a better exam score.Take your English to a whole new level of ability and understanding.