Learn to identify and pronounce the vowel sounds used in English as well as the schwa and the sound of ‘th’. Understand which letter combinations produce which English vowel sound and then practice making those sounds.Take your English pronunciation to the next level. Accent reduction and good pronunciation are the keys to speaking English clearly in a conversation and improve your listening ability.Produced by a native British English speaker. This “How To Speak Better English” course teaches you how to speak English clearly, improve your pronunciation and understand speakers of English regardless of their accent.We also cover intonation, sentence stress, word stress, and linking words to allow you to speak better English quickly.Suitable for all learners of English regardless of level. You should, however, have a basic understanding of English. The sections on intonation and word and sentence stress patterns will improve your oral fluency in English and your English reading skill.Boost your English speaking ability with this course and improve your IELTS, TOEFL, SAT or even your Pearson PTE exam score.