Are you ready to make your next speaking engagement your most successful and profitable one yet?While there are tons of public speaking courses availableto teach you how to create and deliver an impactfulpresentation, there are none exclusivelyfocused on how to use speaking to build your brand and getbusiness.By incorporatingsome simple activities, you will be ready to build your brand, drive leads and leverage the heck out of your content!This course includes 21 activities that will significantly increase the business development value of your speaking engagements. The course is broken into three modules: Before, During and After. Each module includes actionable activities to make it as plug and play as possible.By the end of this course, you will have a whole new way of looking at speaking engagements. You will have access to a toolkit ofideas, scripts, and templates so that you can quickly and easily create your own business development plan to makeyour next speaking engagement the best one yet.Bonus materials include:Activities Planner to help you create your own personal plan for your speaking engagementCustomizable scriptsApps and Tools recommended to help you create a great-looking presentationTwo eBooks related to using speaking engagements as a marketing tool”Prior to taking this course, I was missing opportunities to make the most of my investment when I spoke….The videos and downloads are tremendously helpful and so simple to put into practice right away. This course helped me streamline my planning for not only speaking events, but workshops and networking events as well.” Amy Vodarek, Executive Leadership Coach, Amy Vodarek andAssociates”The Speakers Business Development Toolkit walks you through how to get the most value from public speaking…It provides a well-defined game plan so you can get the most value from your speaking experiences.” Mark Evans Principal, ME Consulting