Course DescriptionKnowledge is the key to success. You know you need to read in anything you do, and yet hardly does anyone teach you how to read. That’s why most people are stuck with too many things to read and too little time. I have tested speed reading on myself, and I was amazed with the result. That’s why I designed and developed this course for book lovers like me and anyone who wants to read faster, comprehend better, and memorize longer. Enjoy your journey to become super speed reader today!Contents & OverviewSpeedRead Mastery provides you a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills in order to double your reading speed in 21 days. You will become a super reader who can read faster, comprehend easier, and memorize better. The course will cover:My story to speed reading and how you can master it tooOverall understanding about Speed ReadingThe science behind reading fastHow to calculate your reading speed and comprehension rateHow to eliminate your 2 most common pitfalls in speed readingHow to double your reading speed in 21 daysHow to become super speed reader with C.L.E.V.E.R systemYou will receive full support and have all concerns answered. More than just reading crazily fast, this course gives you the complete strategy to ‘read for knowledge’ in short time and maximize your effort.I love reading and I want to have you on this journey to become super speed reader! Join me NOW <3