Sports & Action Photography For Beginners



Using sports as a platform, this course provides beginnerand novice level photographers a foundation for shooting dynamic subjects in avariety of settings. The student will learn valuable insights into gettingthose professional level photos at sporting events, music venues, plays,presentations, re-enactments, and many others. In order to shoot like a pro, you have to first think like apro. Knowing what camera settings to use is an absolute necessity, but it isthe equivalent of knowing how to use the features of your car. Knowing how toturn on the wipers will not make you a better driver. In a sense, this courseassumes you know how to start your vehicle. It is my job to help you become aFormula One driver.Many forms of photography rely on the photographer tomanipulate the subject and environment in which he, or she, is shooting. Thiscourse helps you understand what to do when your subject and environment aretotally out of your control. You will learn how to anticipate and compose greatphotos in the most difficult of shooting conditions.Action photography (Sports, street, weddings, candid, event,and basic photojournalism) is not a spectator sport. If you have a desire to learnhow you can take great photos of dynamic subjects in interesting venues, thenthis course is for you.