This course will teach you how to use IntelliJ IDEA effectively with Java and Spring Boot projects. The course will start explaining the configuration of development environment and along the way, you will learn the benefits ofIntelliJ IDEA.*includes how to develop Spring Boot Applications with IntelliJ IDEA*understand how to add Spring Boot support*deploy jars files with Spring Boot*edit property files with Spring Boot and configure Spring applications without XMLAt the end of this course, you will learn tips and tricks and increase your productivity and become a better IntelliJ IDEA developer.Benefits of attending this course;Becoming an effective Javaand SpringDeveloper by learning new tricks and tips in IntelliJ IDEALearn how to develop Spring Boot applications with IntelliJIncreasing your coding speed and productivityLearning the benefits of using stable IntelliJ IDEALearning IntelliJ IDEA as an Eclipse IDE UserThe content of IntelliJ IDEA course;Installing IntelliJ IDEA with Java 8 JDKLearn how to use Maven with IntelliJ and add Maven support to Java projectsLearn how to run and debug Java modules in IntelliJLearn how to run JUnit tests with IntelliJ IDEAUnderstand how to integrate GitHub and version control with IntelliJLearn how to import and export Eclipse projects in IntelliJ IDEALearn how to install servers and run applicationsin IntelliJLearn how to integrate Spring and Spring Bootwith IntelliJ IDEALearn how to add Spring Bootsupport to IntelliJ projectsLearn how to use Spring Initializr with IntelliJLearn how to create Spring Boot application with IntelliJMore information about Spring Boot;Spring Boot favors convention over configuration so that you can develop application fasterSpring Boot makes developing Spring web application easierSpring Boot does not require XML based configurationSpring Boot has embedded Tomcat server support so that you can deploy and run applicationsSpring Boot applications can be deployed as jar files so you don’t need to deploy it as war files.Spring Boot applications can be deployed as MicroservicesSo what are you waiting for? Enrol now and start learning Spring Boot and IntelliJ IDEA and I am sure that you will improve yourself…HD quality (full screen) recorded course contentand you will be able to see the source code clearly (HD format) if you attend thisudemycourse as a student.100% Money Back Guarantee, no question asked#Spring Boot#Java Development with IntelliJ IDEA#Spring Framework#Spring Actuator#Intellij IDEA