This is an extensive video course on building your own information product based business. It covers everything from finding the right niche, to creating your first (or next) information product, to setting up a proper sales funnel, and launching your products into the marketplace. The course is perfect for anyone interested in creating passive streams of income through solution oriented product creation. The course is broken down into 5 sections – Introduction: Welcome (7:22) Pulling The Industry Curtain Back (4:52) Mindset (10:32) Section One: Framework Fast Track Idea Conception (7:08) The Squeeze Page (5:45) The Free Report (7:34) Your Product (7:50) Upsells & Downsells (5:26) Traffic (4:57) Section Two: Product Selection Niche Selection (15:27) Finding The Market (12:30) Market Viability (9:02) Competition Research (8:41) Becoming The Bull (7:56) Setting Time Limits (9:00) Section Three: Product Creation Platforms (8:12) Copywriting (8:06) Sales Page Design (8:17) Upsells (6:48) Downsells (5:10) Editing & Formatting (3:04) Section Four: Networking/Marketing/Promotion Email Lists (8:32) Email Marketing (5:31) Recruiting Affiliates (11:09) Driving Traffic (12:16) Joint Venture Page Setup (9:27) Launch (11:22 After completion of the course you will have a clear picture of what goes on behind the scenes of an 'information product' launch. You can them take the information learned from this course and create products for yourself that will earn you passive income.