Start Serving, Start Selling



Being a restaurant server willallowed youto:Travel oftenHave a flexible scheduleMeet new peopleServe celebritiesLearn salesAre you tired of:Being held to making $30,000 a year.Hearing about how restaurant servers get to take their cash home daily.Not being able to change your schedule when you want to travel.Never having enough money to enjoy the things you want to do.Having to work overtime to have enough money to pay your bills.Being told you don’t have restaurant experience.Being offered positions other than the restaurant server position you applied for.Feeling like you don’t have enough experience to apply for restaurant server positions.Working a 9- 5 job.Hearing about others getting server jobs and you aren’t.Did You Know That Restaurant ServersMake On Average$25Per Hour?In this course you’ll learn:How tosuccessfullysell your work experience in your resume and during the interview process.The role andresponsibilitiesof a restaurant server.How tocreatea resume with no restaurant experience.Where and how toapplyfor restaurant server jobs.Improve yourconfidenceand know how to format your work experience so that it relates to the server position.You’ll Get The Restaurant Server Job, Start Making More Money, And Create The Schedule You Want.