In this course you will deepen your basic German skills. You get the opportunity to interact with me and other students in German. This is in my opinion the most important thing when you learn a language: You have to use it!!! And that’s what’s special about my course! You get the grammar explanations and the basic vocabulary you need like in any other course, but on top of that you really get to use the new language in my course. You start communicating in German on your level and start being comfortable with using the language! Sounds good? Give it a try!!! Section 1 is just a quick review of my first course which gives you an overview over the basics we covered. In Section 2 you will learn about the different articles, how to use them and how they . change in the different cases in German. You will also learn how to address people properly in German. In addition to the grammar you will build up your vocabulary around the topic “Wohnen und Leben”, in English: “Life and living” and you will practice your reading, writing and listening skills in connection with that vocabulary field. Throughout the videos you’re always encouraged to produce short audio files to practice your speaking skills. You have the possibility to post them in the forum to receive feedback and improve your speaking skills. In Section 3 you will learn about the composition of nouns, how to use adjectives in a sentence and about separable and non-separable verbs. In addition to the grammar you will build your vocabulary around the field of “Wollen und Sollen”, in English: ” To want and to be supposed to” and you will again practice your reading, writing and listening skills around that vocabulary field. And you will again have the possibility to practice your speaking skills throughout the videos and receive feedback to improve.