Social Media is fast moving and constantly changing. Small business owners are struggling to keep up and need yourhelp.Its becoming much harder to get posts seen amongst all the chatter, plus many people think they have to be present on every platform to make an impact. They’re wrong.Pinterest is one of the few social media platforms that ticks all the boxes in relation toengagementdriving trafficbuilding client loyaltyOf course there are many more reasons why Pinterest is the stand out platform above all others and this course will show youwhyPinterest should be at the forefront of every business’s social media marketing plan andhowyou, as a Pinterest Account Manager will do exactly that for each and every one of your clients.Social Media specialists are at the forefront of an emerging industry and business owners are slowly beginning to wake up to the fact they need professional help and, they are willing to invest to obtain that help.If you have been searching for a creative business that you can work from home or an office; that requires minimal set-up and that earns you a credible income that will support your family; working as a social media specialist is the perfect marriage for the creative entrepreneur.This course teaches you how to use Pinterest to maximise not only your own social media presence but that of your clients as well.