Are you looking to start a new company, stuck on a business plan, overwhelmed by incorporating or having a hard time writing a fair partnership agreement? Well dont worry you are in the right place! No matter what stage you are at I promise this course will revolutionize the way envision a corporation. How does this work? You’ll be given immediate access to all the lectures and content for this course. Mostly composed of video lectures, that were designed to be engaging and fast paced. Nothing is worse than poor quality, hard to understand audio, with mind numbing, boring slides that drag on and on. This course was design to be painless, something you’ll enjoy, and something you’ll actually finish. The course is split into 2 main parts that will walk you through the content in easy-to-follow steps. Starting with the basics, I’ll show you exactly how to access your prospected market, determine workforce and capital requirements as well how to split company equity. Once you understand the basics we will learn the free market economic theory that supports our business plan and explore the implications and affects the market has on a corporation. After you are fluent in the terminology, I’ll show you how to apply the knowledge to create the perfect business plan. Finally we will enforce the aspects of the business plan through a partnership agreement. As a bonus, you will get the complete business plan and partnership plan templates for free. Are you ready to structure your dream company for success? Empower yourself with the ability and knowledge to create a sustainable business? Being your exciting new adventure today!