The Four Essential Productivity CoursesThere are certain topics that can help any white collar business professional be more productive, from the entry-level admin to the corporate CEO.These include: Email Management Email is a necessary tool in todays business environment, which means that the stress of an overwhelmed and disorganized email system is now a universal problem. A good Email Management course can give employees the skills they need to turn their email from a stressful chore to a productive tool. Organizing Files The Paperless Office may or may not ever be a reality for your office, but in todays work environments we deal with at least as many digital files as paper ones. How do employees know where to save their work, and how to name their electronic files, especially when cloud computing gives us more choices than ever? A good course on Organizing Files is the first step in making sure everyone in your company is using a consistent and safe system for saving and searching for all those documents and spreadsheets. Staying Safe Online Todays cybercriminals know the easiest way to get into a companys systems isnt by hacking into the server its by hacking the employees themselves. Phishing and other forms of social engineering have put every employee in the company on the front lines of cyber defense, so its critical to train your troops. A good cybersecurity course can teach your employees what to watch out for in emails, SMS messages, and websites so they know how to stay safe online. Time Management Always a perennial favorite, Time Management courses are more important than ever as companies look to continually improve their productivity.