Everyone Sells!We sell our ideas to spouses, children, friends, bosses and even in interviews. Learn the secrets to building a better you. These four basic steps will help you gain confidence and lead by example.Get 4 Keys to Building the Business of “U”. Brian brings a different aspect to developing you. Sell more, network better and jump. If you want to get better make a decision to get better. – Focus in on what works- Doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting different results is the definition of “insanity”.- Be unique. Do what others don’t do. Go above and beyond and give the extra effort.Learn how and why to set goals. Learn why and howits important to JUMP.Learn why we need to fail.Learn why and how to network- Do you want results?- Would you like to be better tomorrow than you were today?Building credibility and value with your clients will generate business.Lets talk about beinguncomfortable. This beginners course will give you the basic foundation to begin the process of getting out of your comfort zone. From basicstrategies and ideas to communicating to connect.Identify the 4 key steps that allow you to focus in the next step not the last step.The only requirement is a willingness to look at ideas and the ability to take action.What are the requirements?The only requirement is a the motivation and energy to make a difference.What am I going to get from this course?You’ll learn the basics to Building the Business of “U”. This course shows you why its important to buildcredibility with those around you. When we tie all these keys to success together it leads to an identifiable difference between you and everyone else.What is the target audience?Any person willing to admit that they sell every day. Anyone that admits they need a boost to get that job, promotion or idea to the next level.