Stock Trading Strategies: A Formula for Personal Freedom.



Imagine trading stocks with absolute confidence. You have a crystal clear understanding how to identify winning ideas, and a flawless system for managing risk.A trading plan gives you this script for winning trades. This course provides you a personalized stock market road map, that matches the resources and goals that are uniquely yours.Most professional stock traders expect to make money. Are you ready to have this conviction?To succeed as a trader, you must reduce and then eliminate mistakes. This allows you to gain the experience required to make big money. This is the goal- learn to trade, and then learn how to trade bigger.Let’s work together.Over the next 7 days, let’s create a bullet-proof plan that defines what you want to accomplish as a stock trader. The more personalized your trading plan, the more conviction you will have.Stock trading success is within your reach, but first, you need to take a critical step that most traders never take.You must make a commitment to a strategy. One strategy.That sounds limiting, but it makes you a smarter trader.The Trading Plan Formula guides you, so you complete your plan in 7 days or less.The final two hours of the program, gives you behind the scenes access into our pre-market game plan meetings. In this section you will learn how to convert your trading ideas, into a list of winning stocks.