This course is about using stories to develop your child's moral imagination. The course teaches you how to select books for reading to children of all ages. The course includes information demonstrating what to look for in children's books through 5 recorded lectures. Additionally, you will learn how to discover the values contained in books under review.Links are provided to supplement the learning gained in this course. A handout which can be downloaded and printed out provides a quick checklist when previewing books and stories.A short online quiz is given at the end of the course to check your knowledge about books and the values they contain. This course contains 1 hour of instruction.The course is structured in video presentation and supplemental reading materials. Taking this course: (1) builds your understanding of how to select appropriate books for your children; (2) helps you to discover and select books with specific values as part of your overall moral development program; and (3) gives suggestions for using storytelling activities to develop moral character in your children.Questions on the educational materials can be sent throughout the course by using the links provided.