For a long period of time, I couldn’t really understand the value of why storytelling is important for your business. Now I know it is crucial to make your business in a way that allows your leads and customers to connect with your product and brand.Storytelling is still something that many companies do not take advantage of therefore by learning this skill you are putting yourself on leading edge of business.The best like Nike, Apple, Pepsi use power of storytelling in their ads but also in different storytelling projects to get millions of views and give their brand a meaning. They stand for something that their stories represent, not only for their product.Implementing storytelling in your company might seem as an abstract idea at first, but that is why I took the time, done research and in the end created a logically structured method that you can use step by step to implement storytelling to your company – either for products or company strategy.You can do it yourself or do only parts of it; however, knowing the method you will know what are the steps and incidents for powerful storytelling experience for your leads and customers.The method I’ve created is called “The Scene Method” and it contains step by step formula of creating stories for ads, sales, branding and different business aspects. If you are interested, read more below.Apply storytelling in your business in order to:Increase lead generation-better ads attract more views, more views, more leadsHave more sales -more leads, equal more sales, using stories in your face to face communication, public speaking and other communication channelsalso increases the chances of saleGet more attention -your product brand can easily get more attention with good usage of storiesIn order to make you understand betterwhy The Scene Method product is right for you, consider these answers.Why listen to this trainerWhen I first wanted to understand the power of stories it wasn’t easiest because different sources provided only general ideas. What I wanted, what I needed was A-Z method that would show me how to create stories from scratch. How to create them easily. I needed a method that was comprehensive. I couldn’t really findsuch and that is why I created one. It is a result of research, learning and experience. I believe it is worth listening to me because I can save you a LOT of time if you consider applying storytelling methods to your business and I will also tell you HOW and WHY to do it.Why is the product special1. It is based onreverse engineering of storiesthat brought broadly understood success to companies. Either in sales, branding, marketing or strategy.2. It has acompletely new methodcreated by me, called “The Scene Method” which you will not find anywhere else on the web. Knowing it can give you a great advantage in applying storytelling to your business.3. I believe insimplicity, I wanted the program to be good for total beginners with the subject but also4. The product isfull of examples and analysis. You will get not only a theory but also examples how to adapt it and how it was done to get great results.Why I believe The Scene Method adds great deal of value1. When I was creating it I wanted it to becomprehensive but also adaptable. So you can use parts of it to create a quick story in 2-3 minutes or you can spend days to polish your business story for the ads.2.It consists of 5 partsand using all of them allows you to understand what can you do with the story, what options do you have, and also you will get a full structure to follow in creating plots for the story.3, It caninfluence your business in a positive waywhich is my final goal here.Is it right for youI believe product can benefit mainly, but not teams- learn how togenerate world-classvideo and textads and of coursegetmore leads. Have better, unique and attractive website content that is focused around story of your brand and company.2.sales teams- generate more sales, more leads. Learn how to put your ideas out better-using stories. Learn to connect better-using stories. Learn how to tell about your product using storytelling that doesn’tsound like you are selling!3.branding teams- you will learn how to connect the power of the brand with stories. In the program, you’ll get practical advice how to add stories and increase brand exposure.4.directors, CEO, COO, CMO, company owners and strategists- after the program you’ll get to know how to incorporate storytelling into your companies strategy and how you can benefit out of that. Connecting with customers, creating lasting relations with them. How to increase sales look from the strategic point of view.