Welcome to the course "Manage Organization Performance – Tome 1: Managing Strategy" This course is part of series of 3 tomes: Tome 1: Managing Strategy Tome 2: Managing Operations Tome 3: Managing Contributors Nevertheless each tome is self contained and can be taken separately. In this tome 1: We will learn how to structure a complete strategic framework for your organization. This includes: Understand Performance Management Develop Vision Statement Develop Mission Statement Develop an Ambition Statement Identify Measures of Success Develop Growth Hypothesis Develop Strategic Themes Merge Strategic Themes into a comprehensive Strategy Map Explain the Strategy Map with a complete Balanced Scorecard Develop a Strategic Plan using the Balanced Scorecard framework Launch Initiatives to meet goals Create Budget(s) Agree on a meeting cycle for tracking and reviewing the strategy This course is quite advanced and if you have no business background it might be quite difficult to follow. It will provide a complete and easy to implement framework for managers, entrepreneurs or consultants involved in strategic planning and monitoring.