"This is a self-empowering course about how to create positive changes and make better decisions and is a perfect choice for people wanting help with managing stress." –Maggie Styles"This is the best course on Stress I have seen and attended live. This material can be used life long since we can't avoid stress. The price of this course is so much more affordable than going to see a Psychiatrist (around my area), which can cost $200 for initial session and $75 for follow up session without insurance." –J FinleyThis is the second course in the Stress Management Series by Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones, author of LIVING A STRESS-FREE LIFE.. The first course is an intro course titled Stress Management for Beginners.This is the Advanced Part 1 course that is built around videos and narrated PPT slides that enable students to:Get Your Life Back!Get an Accurate Assessment of Current Stress LevelsTake the research-based Dallmann-Jones Stress TestStop Panic Attacks Forevermore with This FormulaPut an End to Worrying As a Habit Possess a Powerful Breathing Technique You Can Use Anywhere Guidelines to Personal EmpowermentHow to Set Limits & Boundaries that Liberate You, Establish Your Internal Locus of Control Control Stress from Others by Setting Healthy BoundariesSee Burnout Before it Happens and Stop It in It's Tracks101 Stress Tips You Can Use Today to Lower Your Stress LevelsGuaranteed to reduce your stress or your money back!There are many more down to earth practical "tips for applying" tools and techniques in this course. Course length depends on how fast the student wishes to pace themselves. Ideally they should go through slowly and keep a Personal Stress Journal as they progress. Very clear directions are provided for this.This is guaranteed to be the most powerful stress management class you have ever taken.