Stress is one of the main creators of physical and emotional ill-health.Knowing how to prevent and resolve stress is vital to living a happy life.Many pain symptoms are created by stress and by the repression of stressful emotions.One of the best ways to overcome and prevent stress is to acquire and use the correct set of positive life-skills.This course will provide you with the life skills you need, and guide you throughout your life, no matter what age you are, so that you will always have a life filled with joy and happiness.If you follow the course and the suggested steps, no matter what your current life situation is, it will be changed in a positive way.The extent of the life changes that happen, are totally up to you.Chronic stress not only impairs our brain functions whilst we are stressed, but more importantly, it does lasting damage to our brain, as it kills braincells in our hippocampus. this means that, even we were not stressed anymore, the damage will still be there.Luckily, there is a lot we can do, as we will see in this course.First we will analyze stress. where it comes from, what it does, the different types of stress, etcAfter that, we will go over the different types of dealing with stress. I call them ‘relief strategies’ For each of them I will give concrete examples of what we can do to activate the benefits of that strategy. The Science behind the course…This highly practical course has been thoroughly researched to bring you the best in brain insights regarding stress.From brain structures to stress hormones, over survival instincts. We will dive deep in the reasons behind stress and the mechanics at handMore importantly, we will look at the different strategies to deal with stress, explaining the effectiveness of each and the reason why it works.Based on research from the UCLA and the NYU, there will be surprising, counter-intuitive insights, which will help you look at stress and how to deal with it, from a completely new perspective.Manage stress- before it manages you…Use cognitive relief strategies- and explore the power of your mindUse physical relief strategies- and let your body speakUse sensory relief strategies- and fight pain with pleasureUse emotional relief strategies- and walk a different path to beat stressAnd So Much More…such as survival instincts, hormones, brain structures, and so on …Who is the target audience?Anybody interested in keeping their stress levels under controlAnybody with a keen interest in human behavior This Stress Management Courseis for you if:You have clients whoare overwhelmed by stress and want natural ways to deal with stressYou Have clients who areare looking for a proven stress management program that gets to the root cause of stressYou have clients who areare overwhelmed with anxiety and want natural ways to relieve anxietyYou have clients who areare looking for ways to balance your work and life so you enjoy life moreThis Self empowered stress management program shows you:How to go from stressed to success so you can love your work and lifeToday you will feel more in control of your stress and anxiety.Tomorrow you will get into action because the course gives you an incentive for applying what you learned.Next week things start to happen because you have a plan in the right order that guides you step-by-step. How willthis Stress Management Course Benefit You?I know you are busy and I have meticulously created this course with your success in mind. This training is no-fluff essential information you need to reduce stress and anxiety easily and quickly.Let me show you exactly how to manage stress by giving you a stress management plan like no other.You get insights and step-by-step instruction that show you how to reduce stress and anxiety and enjoy life sooner rather than later.You get the inside track on what you need to do plus the exact plan to make it happen in the right order.If that’s something you would like to achieve, you have selected the right course to take. If you complete this entire course and implement everything you learn you will have a good solid foundation to build upon.Remember, it doesn’t matter what stage you are at, I can show you how to reduce stress and anxiety and enjoy life.